Inaugural international
OOF/TAS Collective Symposium

30-31 August, 2014


The Teaching Across Specialisations (TAS) Collective Symposium is intended to provide opportunities for researchers and educators to collaborate on issues associated with teachers who teach in specialisations for which they have no qualification, often called “out­‐of­‐field” (OOF) teaching.

This symposium will be organised by Dr. Linda Hobbs (Deakin University, Australia) and Professor Günter Törner (Duisburg­‐Essen University, Germany) in association with other members of the TAS Collective.

We are meeting at after the ATEE Conference in Braga, Portugal, and prior to the ECER Conference in Porto, Portugal. However, there is no obligation to register at either of these international conferences.


Room 117, Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação
Universidade do Porto


Aims of the Symposium

To allow all researchers and practitioners in the fields of TAS and OOF:

  • to share practice, research, and policy relating to teaching across specialisations,

  • to collaborate on an international agenda for research and action, and

  • to plan for a first published output.


Presentations: 20-30 minutes per presentation, depending on number of presentations. Each session will include two or three presentations, ending with a 30-­‐minute discussion. There is no discussion after each presentation.


Focus: Any issue or ideas relating to out-of-field teaching are of interest. Some example of relevant strands of inquiry and activity are:

  • Incidence of out-of-field teaching, supply and demand, and attritions in different countries

  • Professional development and re-accreditation programs

  • Research exploring:

    • Defining the research field

    • Impacts and related issues from the perspectives of various key stakeholders, such as teachers, school leaders and principals, parents, school children

    • Governmental responses and policy directions

    • The practice of out-of-field teachers

    • Teacher learning, including pre-service and in-service teacher learning

    • Discipline-related issues, especially relating to school mathematics and science

Submission: Please submit a 200 word abstract by July 1 so that we can arrange groupings. The abstracts will be distributed by email, and will be available on the TAS Collective website. Multiple presentations are allowed.

Please submit to Dr. Linda Hobbs l.hobbs @ or Professor Günter Törner guenter.toerner @

Saturday 30 August

  9.30 am    Introduction + Session 1
11.00 am    Break
11.30 am    Session 2
  1.00 pm    Lunch (off campus)
  2.30 pm    Developing a Research Agenda

Sunday 31 August

  9.30 am    Introduction + Session 3
11.00 am    Break
11.30 am    Session 4
  1.00 pm    Lunch (off campus)
  2.30 pm    Working toward Publication Output


Proceedings available here