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Notes on the 2018 TAS-OOF Collective Symposium

What a wonderful two days! Thanks so much to everybody for being open and willing to participate in a friendly and rigorous conversation about various aspects of OOF teaching. I felt this year there was a good range of discussion around a range of subject areas, and focus on different elements of experiences of teachers, school leaders, as well as how to assist teachers with PD. There were good discussions around policy issues too.

We will produce a proceedings this year, to be added to the 2018 symposium page when available.

Notice the change name: OOF-TAS

At the symposium the group decided that the label of 'out-of-field' needed to be more prominent on the website. An interim dual name of OOF-TAS has been added to hopefully make it easier to find when searching for teaching out-of-field. A new name will be discussed at the next symposium.

Announcing: 2019 OOF-TAS Collective Symposium

Hamburg, September 1-2 prior to ECER Conference, location to be confirmed, but most likely a room on campus. There may be a small cost again.This symposium will be separate to the ECER program

Triad paper review session – the group has decided that, in preparation for a special issue of a journal, it would be useful to support each other by reviewing and providing feedback on papers intended for the special edition. Draft articles will need to be prepared and distributed prior to the symposium. Further information will come closer to the time.