“SiH Seminarraum in Hamburg”

Mexikoring 15, 22297

6th International
OOF-TAS Collective Symposium

1-2 September, 2019

The 6th symposium for the OOF-TAS Collective will be held in Hamburg, Germany, on September 1-2, 2019, prior to the ECER Conference.

The theme for the symposium is ‘Delving deep and wide into teaching out-of-field: Using evidence to inform change’.

This theme focuses on the idea that changes in practice and policy are best brought about through evidence-based research. A mounting body of evidence about the out-of-field phenomenon is emerging from a number of countries. But what else needs to be known? And for what impact?

We encourage submissions that report on research and contribute to our understanding of what additional research is needed, the challenges of doing research in this field, and how empirical evidence can inform practice and policy changes. An outcome of this meeting will be to build on the ideas from our first meeting in 2014 and come up with a framing of future research that can inform our individual and joint research endeavours.

Details are as follows for the 2019 OOF-TAS Collective Symposium:

  • Date: September 1-2,

  • Location: Hamburg, Germany, “SiH Seminarraum in Hamburg”, Mexikoring 15, 22297. (With the city train about 15 min from the main station)

  • Abstract submissions: Closing date April 8

  • Submit your abstract and register below

  • Registration Cost: €41 per person. Paid on Day 1 of the symposium, unless otherwise indicated. This cost will cover room fee, wifi, beamer, coffee/tea/water. Please contact us if you think this fee will be too costly for you:

Short Program

The full program will be made available at the end of June. The short program is as follows:

Day 1 September 1st: 10:00-17:00 + dinner together at a nearby restaurant

Day 2 September 2nd: 9:00-16:00

Full Program

Click here for the full program.

Hotels nearby

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  • Heikotel - Hotel Stadtpark Residenz

  • Heikotel - Hotel City Nord

  • Leonardo Hotel Hamburg City Nord

  • Holiday Inn Hamburg - City Nord

  • Heikotel - Hotel City Nord

  • ibis Hotel Hamburg Airport

  • ibis Hotel Hamburg Airport

  • Leonardo Hotel Hamburg Airport

  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport

Possible triad paper review session

The group have submitted a proposal for a Special Issue. If this proposal is successful we will include some time to give feedback on drafts of these papers. This would involve supporting each other by reviewing and providing feedback on papers. This may also be open to people with papers not involved in the Special Issue but who have papers and would like feedback. Draft articles will need to be prepared and distributed prior to the symposium. Further information will come closer to the time if this is to go ahead. 



Submission of abstracts will be through this website. Please complete the following fields.

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Registration is free at this point. The conference will not be catered as cafes are close by and we will book for lunch on both days.

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